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Stephan & Fran Testimonial

Re: Home Repair –

Fran and I want to thank you for the repair work you have done in our home. As you know on April 17, 2012 we had a house fire, which destroyed the entire contents of our family room and one bedroom upstairs. We want to thank you for working with us, our adjuster and our insurance company to make sure that our home was repaired and restored even nicer than it was prior to the fire. We are extremely grateful that you worked with us even though our insurance company was giving us a hard time with the funding we needed in order to make the needed repairs to move back into our home. As a realist, I cannot say honestly that it all went smoothly because it didn’t, this was a step by step process and we want to thank you for walking us through each step we had to take to get this job finished. We want to especially thank you for how your company handled and continued the work at our home even though you personally and your business, along with many of your employees were severely affected by hurricane sandy. Each and every one of you handled this situation with complete professionalism and we thank you.

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