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If flooding is not attended to within 24 hours, the chances of further damage to your home are just that much higher. If your house or office premises are flooded, call Dart Flood restoration now for prompt action.

When it comes to flooding or leakage in your home, it’s best to call the professionals. Fast and strategic action will mitigate damages such as discoloration, peeling, warping and the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Water can get trapped into structural cavities of your home and into appliances.
Removing water from your home, eliminating moisture, promoting evaporation and taking the necessary steps to prevent further damage are all part of the critical process of flood restoration.
Here’s what you can expect from Dart Flood Restoration services

We’ll get your house back in order and help remove as much stress as possible from your life. If you need accommodation, we’ll provide that leaving you and your family time to heal while flood restoration takes place.

Flood restoration methods will depend on the extent of damage. We will provide any emergency services, if required and check for structural damage. We will eliminate and evaporate water from your house. Our experienced field staff will remove moisture from floors, brickwork, ceilings, glass and windows, insulation cabinets, carpets—anything that was touched by the water. If the damage is severe, it may involve the replacement of these items. Dehumidification, another critical step in the process of flood restoration, removes any secondary water damage to your home by evaporating moisture in the air. By the time we’re done there will be no trace of damage caused by the flood.
What’s more, Dart will begin the process of flood restoration even before your insurer issues a check. Starting the job soon will mitigate damages. You don’t pay any money upfront.
Our customer service is open 24/7/365.
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